Basic science research studying heat shock proteins in mammalian cell cultures by Roeland Van Wijk, Ph.D., from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands has repeatedly confirmed the validity of the simile principle. (1)(2) On the clinical side, studies have suggested a positive treatment association when homeopathic medicines are used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis (3), fibrositis (4), influenza (5), childhood diarrhea (6), and asthma (7).
The prestigious medical journal Lancet recently published a comprehensive meta-analysis of the randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials which have been conducted in homeopathy. (8) Analysis of the 89 trials with a consistent high quality methodology revealed consistently positive results for homeopathy when compared with placebo.

In France, research on cost-effectiveness has shown that the annual cost to the Social Security System for homeopathic treatment is 15% less than that of conventional treatment and the price of the average homeopathic medicine is one third that of standard drugs. (9) Paolo Bellavite has masterfully summarized the state of homeopathy in his comprehensive book: Homeopathy: A Frontier in Medical Science. (10)

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The above document was taken from the American Institute of Homeopathy