Prevention of The Flu

Homeopathic prevention of the flu:

GUIDELINES: Gelsemium 30C or 200C: take 3 pellets two times the first day; then take three pellets once in 1 week and stop.  

Gelsemium should  be taken if catching the flu is imminent or there has been exposure to someone with the flu.  I recommend this prevention on a case by case basis in Dallas, Texas.  Patients currently undergoing homeopathic treatment should consult me before taking Gelsemium or any other homeopathic remedy. 

Flu testing will be available at our office.  Patients who have the flu will be treated with the appropriate homeopathic remedy after being seen in the office. 

So far the cases of the flu seen in my office have responded well to the indicated homeopathic remedy.   


1. PROCESSED FOODS: AVOID sugar, fats, and cut down on animal protein.

2. SEASONAL FOOD: Increase raw vegetables, fruits, Vitamin C rich and antioxidant rich foods is especially helpful. (to at least 60 % of DIET)

3. Plenty of filtered water, fresh air, sun exposure, full spectrum lighting, regular and outdoor EXERCISE.

4. HYDROTHERAPY: Showers which alternate 2 minute warm and 30 seconds cool water stimulate the immune system. Alternate 4 times and finish with cool.

5. SLEEP: a proper amount (7-8 hours) of quality sleep; NAP as needed.

6. STRESS: If you feel “run down”, take a day of for rest and relaxation.

Please call the office if you have been exposed to the flu and would like to prevent contamination or if you already have the flu. Adults and children can be treated.

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